2014 Global Automotive Consumer Study

2014 Global Automotive Consumer Study

Exploring consumers’ mobility choices and transportation decisions


Deloitte Motor Industry Services are excited to release our 3rd study on the changing nature of mobility.

The study identified six megatrends which are providing consumers with more choices than ever before in meeting their transportation needs and as a result, redefining mobility.

In 2009, Deloitte began to explore perspectives on automotive brands, desired features, and shopping experiences for consumers born 1977-1994 – “Gen Y”.  The leading purchase considerations for Gen Y have changed every year since the study began in 2009.

Some key insights and takeaways from the study:

  • 75% of consumers are interested in acquiring a car within the next 5 years
  • Almost half of Generation Y consumers in Australia think they will be driving an alternative powertrain five years from now, with strong preference for Hybrid Electrics, and indicate they are willing to pay more for it
  • Improved safety and efficiency technologies are seen as the greatest technology benefits by Gen Y (over cockpit technologies)
  • 55% of Gen Y (26% all others) like using a smartphone app to plan transport
  • About two-thirds of Gen Y consumers are influenced by friends and family, the most during purchase decisions
  • Today, most consumers are interested in basic levels of automation e.g. traction control, ABS.

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To view a full copy of the study, click here